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Airports Berlin

Mobile Maintenance Revolution at Airports Berlin

We embarked on a mission to enhance efficiency and streamline our technical operations. Our goal? To implement seamless mobile maintenance at the Airports Berlin for our crucial technical facilities. With dedication and the right tools at the Airports Berlin, we achieved this milestone, revolutionizing our operations and ensuring the highest standards of safety and functionality.

MAIN-TOOL Maintenance Software: Transforming Possibilities

In our pursuit of excellence, we partnered with MAIN-TOOL Maintenance Software. Through this innovative solution, we digitalized our maintenance processes, eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork. This transformation made our operations not only paperless but also significantly more efficient.

Traceable and Transparent Operations

Gone are the days of ambiguity and uncertainty. With MAIN-TOOL, our processes became traceable and transparent. Every step of maintenance, from the baggage conveyor systems to the passenger boarding bridges and lighting systems, is now meticulously tracked. This level of accountability ensures that our technical facilities operate at their peak performance consistently.

Areas of Application

Our collaboration with MAIN-TOOL has revolutionized multiple areas at Airports Berlin:

  • Baggage Conveyor Systems: Ensuring swift and secure handling of passenger luggage.
  • Runway Lighting System: Guaranteeing safe take-offs and landings, even in low visibility conditions.
  • Passenger Boarding Bridges: Seamless connections between terminals and aircraft.
  • General Lighting Systems: Illuminating our facilities with energy-efficient solutions.

Endorsement from the Experts

“Thanks to MAIN-TOOL, Berlin Airports is now well-equipped for the tasks ahead.”

Thomas Knöfler, Head of Flight Operations Facilities

It took a moment, as did the overall implementation of the airport.
But now everything is running smoothly thanks to MAIN-TOOL maintenance software.

MAIN-TOOL a product of GLI Business Solutions GmbH

Maintenance with MAIN-TOOL at Lech-Stahlwerke GmbH

Customer for the new maintenance MAIN-TOOL solution: Lech-Stahlwerke GmbH
Industry: Steel industry
Number of employees: approx. 700

Initial situation at Lech-Stahlwerke:

Lech-Stahlwerke GmbH had an independent application for maintenance that was not integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The disadvantage of this application was that the data had to be maintained twice.

MAIN-TOOL maintenance solution:      

Implementation of MAIN-TOOL both for the central department and for the on-site departments within the production plants.

Added values:                  

No more duplicate data. Improved overview of the plant structure. Meaningful reports required for ISO certification (e.g. ISO TS16949).

MAIN-TOOL Maintenance made easy – a product of GLI Business Solutions GmbH.

Our efficient MAIN-TOOL maintenance software enables real-time monitoring of machines and systems. Sensors and IoT devices collect data that is analyzed by the software to detect anomalies at an early stage. This makes it possible to quickly identify and rectify problems before major breakdowns occur.

Overall, the use of maintenance software in the steel industry enables better planning, execution and monitoring of machines and systems. This leads to increased availability, a longer service life and thus to an increase in productivity and profitability for companies in this industry.

MAIN-TOOL can be used across all industries and the MAIN-TOOL app is particularly suitable for use on a tablet.

Agrarfrost GmbH & Co. KG

Client: Agrarfrost GmbH & Co. KG
Industry: Food industry
Number of employees: approx. 650

The company is a versatile family business and exists more than 50 years. In addition to the great love of potatoes, it also attaches great importance to a good and open corporate culture, so that all employees feel completely satisfied. But Agrarfrost does not only have a high responsibility towards its employees – also the products from the food sector are subject to a high responsibility. For this reason, maintenance is one of the top priorities.

In the state-of-the-art processing plants, 600,000t of the best potatoes are processed each year into French fries, croquettes, potato pancakes or another potato product. Sustainable and ecological action is therefore an integral part of the company’s philosophy.

Agrarfrost GmbH initial situation:

The company Agrarfrost did not have a unified IT in the technical warehouse. Therefore no value of goods. Undocumented withdrawals from the warehouse made it difficult to trace in which departments and on which machines the spare parts were used.

MAIN-TOOL solution:

Implementation of MAIN-TOOL Mobile for recording and evaluating stocks (goods receipts, goods issues and stock transfers) and the correct assignment of spare parts to maintenance tasks.

Added values:

Standardization and simplification of complete warehousing. As a result: new possibilities in the cooperation between maintenance and purchasing.

MAIN-TOOL – A procduct of GLI Business Solutions GmbH.

Project management with MAIN-TOOL at the Jäckering Group

Project management with MAIN-TOOL at the Jäckering Group.

Wheat flour, wheat starch, wheat protein and animal feed for food, pet food and non-food industries all over the world.

Jäckering Mühlen- und Nährmittelwerke GmbH is the leading German manufacturer of native wheat starch and vital wheat protein for food, pet food and non-food industries worldwide, as well as high-quality dry and liquid animal feed for the European market.

The top priority is that all products are characterized by impeccable quality and pioneering innovation.

Every year, we grind several hundred thousand tons of wheat into wheat flour in our mill. Our milling technology is based on our own innovative and highly specialized ULTRA-ROTOR mill. With this technology, the grain is crushed at the natural breaking points with the help of air vortices, so that gentle and uniform grinding is guaranteed.

The flour is fed directly to the starch factory, where native wheat starch and vital wheat protein are then produced and sold all over the world.

MAIN-TOOL solution:

Jäckering Mühlen- und Nährmittelwerke GmbH is a producer of wheat starch and uses MAIN-TOOL as an integrated solution in Dynamics NAV. The system is used to plan and document all maintenance measures at various locations.

Project management / added value:

The interface to purchasing and the budgeting of projects is also implemented using the MAIN-TOOL maintenance and repair software. Find out more: GLI Business Solutions GmbH
or book a MAIN-TOOL web demo directly here.


Sector: Public transportation
Number of employees: approx. 450

Märkische Verkehrsgesellschaft GmbH is the local transport company of the Märkischer Kreis district and its municipalities. Märkische Verkehrsgesellschaft plans (planning order by district council resolution), operates bus services and is a member of the Ruhr-Lippe Transport Association (VRL). The Westphalian tariff has been in force since August 2017.

Main shareholders are the Märkische Kreis district and its 15 towns and municipalities. MVG currently has a total of 418 employees, 131 of whom were employed by its sister company MBG (Märkische Bus-Gesellschaft mbH) until the end of 2009, which was merged on August 26, 2009. A further 401 people are employed by almost 40 contractors. Of the total of 330 vehicles used, 139 are the company’s own vehicles.

Following the current development of electric buses and those with fuel cells as a drive source with interest, and “automated driving” and the ordering of bus journeys via cell phone app independently of the timetable, known as “bus-on-demand”, are also in MVG’s focus. MVG is already involved in two areas of application in close cooperation with science and industry: In Iserlohn (a-BUS – New Mobility Lab) and in Meinerzhagen (on-demand transportation).

Challenge for MAIN-TOOL at MVG:

  • Liberalization of local public transport
  • Resulting need for structural changes in the company
  • Mapping of workshops with maintenance of the vehicle fleet and infrastructure

Added value:

With MAIN-TOOL, MVG was able to integrate company divisions. Thanks to optimized processes, there were increases in profitability and savings.

You can find more information at

MAIN-TOOL solution for Vanderlande

Vanderlande – General contractor for intralogistics systems

Customer: Vanderlande/general contractor for intralogistics systems
Industry: Professional Service Management
Employees: More than 5,500

Vanderlande focuses on improving its customers’ business processes and strengthening their competitive position. By working closely with its customers, it aims to improve operational processes and optimize the expansion of logistics services – with the MAIN-TOOL solution.

Vanderlande’s employees are well aware of the complexity involved in running a successful warehouse. The aim is to exceed customer expectations and strengthen your competitive position.

Initial situation

Vanderlande was looking for a service management system because they wanted to make all maintenance and servicing paperless. They were looking for a system that was capable of mapping even complex systems and supporting the entire process chain, which led them to the MAIN-TOOL solution. Vanderlande’s customers are airports worldwide, such as Munich Airport, postal and parcel centers and logistics centers such as Amazon.

MAIN-TOOL solution

The MAIN-TOOL maintenance software is scaled and adapted according to customer requirements.
System developers are constantly expanding and adapting the software for customers. As a rule, the EAM service management areas are used. Work is carried out on both stationary and mobile clients. When deploying the solution, customers can choose between a server installation or operation in the cloud.

Added value

MAIN-TOOL helps Vanderlande to make EAM and service processes lean and to document them cleanly. Both mobile and stationary processes are mapped.

MAIN-TOOL is an important tool for Aftersales Service to provide comprehensive support to customers such as Munich Airport.

“The flexible rental model of GLI Business Solutions is particularly interesting for our customers. The MAIN-TOOL maintenance software has made it possible to process maintenance and servicing almost paperlessly.”
Thomas Gebbert
Head of Customer Care Service Vanderlande

Environmentally friendly disposal – ZAW Coburg

Environmentally friendly disposal – ZAW Coburg
in Northwest-Upper Franconia
Industry: Energy and Environment

Disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly way – that is the mission of the association for waste management.

The association for waste management in Nordwest-Oberfranken (ZAW) is responsible for the environmentally friendly disposal and effective recycling of waste. This region has a population of around 263,000. Founded in 1974, ZAW operates the Coburg waste-to-energy plant, a landfill site for non-combustible waste in Blumenrod (Rödental, Coburg district) and waste transfer stations in Lichtenfels and Kronach. Waste disposal for the region is the waste-to-energy plant in Coburg-Neuses, which was commissioned in 1989.

The task of the association is to ensure the disposal of the waste produced in the association’s area in accordance with the objectives of the Bavarian Waste Management Act.

Special purpose association for waste management has the following tasks in accordance with its association and operating statutes:

  • Construction and operation of a waste-to-energy plant (MHKW)
  • Operation of waste transfer stations for Kronach and Lichtenfels
  • Creation and operation of a waste and residual waste landfill site
  • Introduction and maintenance of the nationwide waste paper bin
  • Implementation of problem waste collections
  • Commercial waste consulting

The remaining waste management tasks are carried out by the districts of Coburg, Kronach, Lichtenfels and the city of Coburg itself (e.g. waste advice for households, green waste composting, collection and transportation of household and bulky waste, recycling collection).

The waste-to-energy plant is maintained with MAIN-TOOL maintenance software. If you would like to find out more about the MAIN-TOOL maintenance software, book an appointment directly here.

Avista Oil

Client: Avista OIl
Europe and USA
Industry: Oil and chemicals

Avista Oil maintains with MAIN-TOOL maintenance software.

The first and only company to sustainably close loops in the oil industry.

  • Size Disposal of waste oils in Germany
  • Patented and virtually waste-free refining and processing into base oil
  • Production of high-quality lubricants AVISTA OIL Deutschland offers everything from a single source

AVISTA OIL Deutschland offers everything from a single source

Avista Oil maintains with MAIN-TOOL maintenance software.

We professionally dispose of oily waste from waste oil to engine oil and emulsions. We provide professional advice on all issues relating to the disposal, transportation and processing of waste oils and oily waste. Environmentally friendly and waste-free production. Avista Oil supplies an excellent base oil. We also offer lubricants for a wide range of applications – from modern engine oils to industrial and specialty lubricants.

Founded in 1951, the industry pioneer has enjoyed continuous profitable growth in recent years and supports its customers along the entire value chain: from the collection and servicing of used oil to rerefining and the international marketing and distribution of high-quality lubricants and by-products. With its environmentally friendly recycling concept AVISTA eCO2, AVISTA OIL offers complete solutions for resource-saving lubricant supply and used oil disposal. In addition to the proven certified CO2 reduction, AVISTA industrial oils guarantee cost and efficiency benefits and have health-friendly properties. A number of subsidiaries and associated companies are bundled under the umbrella of the AG, which perform all functions from collection & logistics, processing and lubricant production to international distribution. AVISTA OIL employs a total of around 700 people at six company locations in Europe and the USA.

By using MAIN-TOOL CMMS and maintenance software for the maintenance of systems and machines, Avista can plan resources better and save costs.

We would be happy to provide you with a quote for your oil company.
Please ask here:


MAIN-TOOL at IOI – Interview

Christian Reich

· Project management IT, overall responsibility

Britta Rehwinkel

  • Administration Technical Site Management
  • Key user Witten / Wittenberge
  • Procurement
  • Assignment of plant structure
  • Support

Jörg Orzessek

· Maintenance
· Technical Site Manager


Initial situation at IOI Oleochemical before MAIN-TOOL was introduced:

Mr. Orzessek and Mrs. Rehwinkel have been working for many years in the technical department of a chemical park in Witten. SAP was used there until February 2012. The sale of the oleochemistry division at the Witten site, from Sasol to Cremer Oleo, led to a change in the ERP system. SAP was replaced by Navision on 01.07.2012. At this point, MAIN-TOOL came into conversation. Walter Rau was chosen as the reference company by word of mouth. Here the employees of the technical department and the IT department looked at the MAIN-TOOL maintenance solution and decided on it. Thanks to the competence of GLI project manager Nils Brockmüller, the changeover was completed within three months. Employees who had previously worked in SAP found all the points easily. In 2016 another company change took place and IOI Oleo decided to continue working with Navision and MAIN-TOOL.

MAIN-TOOL – easy to use.

Primary reasons for looking for a maintenance system:

Legal requirements, deadline tracking, work equipment and system monitoring were previously tracked in SAP and during the company transition phase with the aid of an Access database. In the future, these lists were to be handled uniformly in the ERP system. Maintenance is not integrated in NAV and so MAIN-TOOL, a future-oriented niche solution for maintenance, was found.

A transfer of the company from Sasol to Cremer Oleo added a second production site: Wittenberge. MAIN-TOOL will be completely introduced here: Interfaces for purchasing, sales management, budget management and bid preparation have to be set up. “It was exciting to teach our colleagues a completely new programme. Thanks to Nils Brockmüller, GLI project manager: “The program was implemented quickly”.

Employees in Wittenberge use Click-View for information data management. Key users for the departments make MAIN-TOOL available to the employees with technical instruction.


Why did you choose MAIN-TOOL?

For the user, NAV with MAIN-TOOL is easier to operate than SAP and the reference Walter Rau was convincing. For the employees MAIN-TOOL is very convenient, even for those who have not previously worked with SAP. “Everyone got to grips with it very quickly”.

Significant improvements have been achieved with MAIN-TOOL:

MAIN-TOOL simplifies the monitoring of equipment requiring inspection. Furthermore the hard work of entering the article characteristics in advance leads to a more accurate overall result. Maintenance becomes clearer, simpler.

Job requests also can be added to MAIN-TOOL documentation. Thanks to MAIN-TOOL, this is now used at IOI Oleo.

“Orders are recorded by MAIN-TOOL “mega-fast”.”

Areas of MAIN-TOOL:

During the introduction, some adjustments were made based on SAP.

Processed with MAIN-TOOL:

  • Fault orders
  • Recurrent measures
  • Budget management
  • Integration into Purchasing
  • IOI Oleo works in batch mode, i.e. in the event of malfunctions or recurring tests, individual plant components can be taken out of operation.

To be expanded in the future:

  • Management of spare parts / warehousing
  • Order requests for malfunction reports
  • Mobility is planned, mobile fault management.
  • The future also lies in the laboratory, in the testing and calibration of analytical equipment. In the preliminary phase, however, an IT structure / plant tree must be created.
  • In the area of analytical data, WAGO technology will also be addressed in the long term. Control integration is not an issue for the time being.
  • Predictive maintenance: Derive statistics from the history and use them for maintenance – another topic for the future.

IOI Oleo GmbH

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