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Maintenance software MAIN-TOOL

Maintenance Software

With more than 35 years of experience in maintenance planning, we implement the right solutions in our systems for the industry-specific requirements of our customers. The smart Maintenance-Software MAIN-TOOL enables companies to have state-of-the-art maintenance planning at the highest level.


The smart software solution for mobile maintenance and servicing work.

Improve your effectiveness through higher plant availability. Customers report up to 20% lower spare parts costs and downtime by using our MAIN-TOOL app.
Maintenance Software MAIN-TOOL UI
Works on desktop and mobile devices. Online and offline.

Reduce spare parts stocks by up to 25%

Reduce overstock and unnecessary parts. Our MAIN-TOOL software helps you to only have what you really need in stock.

Improve labor input by up to 18%

Through better resource planning for all events. Targeted deployment planning for recurring, preventive and condition-dependent measures. Achieve a better effectiveness of your employees and resources through structured planning with our maintenance software MAIN-TOOL.

Increase machine utilization by up to 5%

Monitor machine usage, condition, reliability, machine calibration and machine costs with MAIN-TOOL.

per Month / User

One CMMS solution for all requirements.

Frequently asked questions about MAIN-TOOL

What is MAIN-TOOL?

MAIN-TOOL is software for mapping maintenance-relevant processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Business Central, NAV). As a Microsoft certified product, MAIN-TOOL is fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics. In the maintenance processes, MAIN-TOOL can access the master data e.g. from the modules purchasing, warehouse, resources or projects and use this for an efficient organization of maintenance.

What advantages does the MAIN-TOOL maintenance software offer?

With MAIN-TOOL, existing master data at companies with Microsoft Dynamics 365 can also be used for maintenance. The documentation and handling of the maintenance processes on different and parallel platforms such as Microsoft Navision or Business Central as well as Excel, Word and Outlook for communication can be omitted.

All technical objects and associated maintenance processes can be mapped in MAIN-TOOL via cloud, Windows client, web client or mobile client in the form of a MAIN-TOOL app. In addition, software-supported maintenance enables a great deal of optimization potential through the reuse and further use of existing data sets, ensures compliance with quality requirements, improves system availability, creates transparent cost control and simplifies maintenance.

MAIN-TOOL also supports e.g. spare parts management, materials management, resource management, technical purchasing or contract management for service or maintenance contracts.

Finally, MAIN-TOOL draws on more than 35 years of “operating experience” and strong networking for the development and continuous adaptation to the requirements of our customers.

For which companies is MAIN-TOOL suitable?

MAIN-TOOL is used with the established ERP standard software Microsoft® Dynamics® Business Central® in more than 100,000 companies across industries in 54 countries worldwide. And for good reason: It’s easy to use. MAIN-TOOL can be quickly integrated into existing systems. Certainly with you too. Take a look at our references.

How does preventive maintenance work with MAIN-TOOL?

Preventive maintenance is maintenance at set intervals in order to reduce the risk of system and machine failure. By setting up a schedule, MAIN-TOOL calculates the suggested date based on the technical object. MAIN-TOOL also simplifies the entry into demand-based maintenance (condition-based maintenance), which suggests the inspection or maintenance at the given point in time with easily configurable performance data acquisition and definition of individual trigger criteria. Last but not least, MAIN-TOOL also enables the further development of predictive maintenance through the use of artificial intelligence in cooperation with WAGO, such as the WAGO connector, which carries out permanent condition monitoring based on algorithms and then proposes an appointment in MAIN-TOOL triggers for inspection or maintenance at the right time.

The proposed date can then easily be converted into a work order and goes through the order planning, execution and completion notification, optionally supported with work instructions and checklists to ensure the quality of the execution.

All of this enables you to prevent failures in good time, reduce expensive downtimes and effectively lower maintenance costs.

How does the introduction of MAIN-TOOL work at the customer?

You tell us what you want to use MAIN-TOOL for. We explain the possibilities to you and define the package of requirements together with you in an analysis workshop. You will then receive a qualified offer from us, e.g. consisting of software, set-up support and training for the desired elements. An experienced project manager will be at your side until the successful introduction of MAIN-TOOL in your company. You then have access to our first-level support and customer portal, where we provide current information and instructions for download.

On which platforms can MAIN-TOOL be provided?

When deploying, you can choose between a server installation or operation in the cloud. You can then work with MAIN-TOOL on both stationary and mobile clients. An app is also available with a range of functions tailored to mobile maintenance.

Which MAIN-TOOL Edition and Microsoft Dynamics Version are required for the MAIN-TOOL Mobile App?

The MAIN-TOOL Mobile App is included from the MAIN-TOOL Easy Plus Edition.

At least Microsoft Dynamics 365 is recommended for using the MAIN-TOOL Mobile App, but the MAIN-TOOL Mobile App can also be used from Microsoft Dynamics NAV2017.

How can MAIN-TOOL change maintenance in a positive way?

MAIN-TOOL simplifies the monitoring of your machines, systems and vehicles and supports you with appointment suggestions at the right time. Processes are digitized and paperless, everyone involved is always up to date.

Maintenance is becoming more transparent, comprehensible, plannable, mobile, and easier. Maintenance made easy – with MAIN-TOOL.

What does the MAIN-TOOL maintenance software cost?

With an annual contract, the monthly rental of the software per user is € 99 *.
With a monthly rental without an annual contract, it is € 119 * per user.
(* plus statutory VAT).

With MAIN-TOOL, cost transparency begins with the purchase. Find out now under prices what an implementation of MAIN-TOOL would cost.

Can MAIN-TOOL also work across departments?

Yes, because, on the one hand, any department structure can be mapped and thus users and orders can be assigned to a desired department level.
On the other hand, MAIN-TOOL is fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365, which means that all users for whom MAIN-TOOL is licensed can also work with MAIN-TOOL and edit data. In addition, every licensed Microsoft Dynamics 365 user has read rights for MAIN-TOOL.

Is MAIN-TOOL certified by Microsoft?

Yes, MAIN-TOOL is certified for Microsoft® Dynamics® Business Central® (and its previous versions) and is therefore one of Microsoft’s recommended software solutions for technical management and maintenance.

Can data be transferred from other systems?

Yes, it is possible to migrate data from other systems. However, a distinction must be made between simple lists and complex tables with multiple references. The effort for data migration is based on this, e.g. via Rapid Start.

Can individual software requirements be taken into account?

As the developer of MAIN-TOOL, we know how to effectively implement the individual requirements of our customers and to integrate them into the possibly more comprehensive processes of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with additional modules from Microsoft partners.

We therefore check the feasibility of each adjustment request in detail and determine the effort required in order to provide the customer with a good basis for decision-making based on the cost-benefit ratio.

How many MAIN-TOOL licenses are required?

Every employee who will work with MAIN-TOOL needs an assigned user license. There are two license types to choose from:
The “Essential User License” enables all writing and booking transactions. Alternatively, there is the “Team Member License” with restricted rights (writing, no booking processes).

MAIN-TOOL success stories

Case-Study: Berlin Airports

Maintenance software
MAIN-TOOL in action

Preventive maintenance with intuitive APP control. The aim was to implement mobile maintenance for the technical systems. Find out more about the successful use of MAIN-TOOL for our customers in the video for the case study at Berlin Airports.

Vanderlande/General contractor for intralogistics systems

MAIN-TOOL helps Vanderlande to lean EAM and service processes and to document them properly. Both mobile and stationary processes are mapped.

Agrarfrost GmbH & Co. KG

Standardization and simplification of the entire warehousing. Resulting from this: new possibilities in the cooperation between maintenance and purchasing.

Lech-Stahlwerke GmbH

No more double data maintenance. Improved overview of the system structure.

More case studies

  • “We have been using MAIN-TOOL for a long time in the maintenance process of the baggage handling system. A great advantage is that working with MAIN-TOOL has become” paperless “. MAIN-TOOL has proven to be a modern and efficient solution for us, so we will organize and manage the work of the workshop employees in the entire facility management via MAIN-TOOL by 2020. “

    Thomas Knöfler // Airport Berlin Brandenburg GmbH
  • “Order requirements can be added to MAIN-TOOL documentation. Thanks to MAIN-TOOL, this is now used at IOI Oleo. Orders are recorded“ super-fast ”with MAIN-TOOL.”

    Britta Rehwinkel // Administration Technical Site Management · Key-User Witten / Wittenberge · IOI Oleo GmbH
  • “Now we know which 20 percent of the systems cause 80 percent of the costs.”

    Andreas Westphal // Maintenance manager, Lenze Drive Systems GmbH
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