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MAIN-TOOL at IOI Oleo GmbH, Firmengebäude


MAIN-TOOL at IOI – Interview

Christian Reich

· Project management IT, overall responsibility

Britta Rehwinkel

  • Administration Technical Site Management
  • Key user Witten / Wittenberge
  • Procurement
  • Assignment of plant structure
  • Support

Jörg Orzessek

· Maintenance
· Technical Site Manager


Initial situation at IOI Oleochemical before MAIN-TOOL was introduced:

Mr. Orzessek and Mrs. Rehwinkel have been working for many years in the technical department of a chemical park in Witten. SAP was used there until February 2012. The sale of the oleochemistry division at the Witten site, from Sasol to Cremer Oleo, led to a change in the ERP system. SAP was replaced by Navision on 01.07.2012. At this point, MAIN-TOOL came into conversation. Walter Rau was chosen as the reference company by word of mouth. Here the employees of the technical department and the IT department looked at the MAIN-TOOL maintenance solution and decided on it. Thanks to the competence of GLI project manager Nils Brockmüller, the changeover was completed within three months. Employees who had previously worked in SAP found all the points easily. In 2016 another company change took place and IOI Oleo decided to continue working with Navision and MAIN-TOOL.

MAIN-TOOL – easy to use.

Primary reasons for looking for a maintenance system:

Legal requirements, deadline tracking, work equipment and system monitoring were previously tracked in SAP and during the company transition phase with the aid of an Access database. In the future, these lists were to be handled uniformly in the ERP system. Maintenance is not integrated in NAV and so MAIN-TOOL, a future-oriented niche solution for maintenance, was found.

A transfer of the company from Sasol to Cremer Oleo added a second production site: Wittenberge. MAIN-TOOL will be completely introduced here: Interfaces for purchasing, sales management, budget management and bid preparation have to be set up. “It was exciting to teach our colleagues a completely new programme. Thanks to Nils Brockmüller, GLI project manager: “The program was implemented quickly”.

Employees in Wittenberge use Click-View for information data management. Key users for the departments make MAIN-TOOL available to the employees with technical instruction.


Why did you choose MAIN-TOOL?

For the user, NAV with MAIN-TOOL is easier to operate than SAP and the reference Walter Rau was convincing. For the employees MAIN-TOOL is very convenient, even for those who have not previously worked with SAP. “Everyone got to grips with it very quickly”.

Significant improvements have been achieved with MAIN-TOOL:

MAIN-TOOL simplifies the monitoring of equipment requiring inspection. Furthermore the hard work of entering the article characteristics in advance leads to a more accurate overall result. Maintenance becomes clearer, simpler.

Job requests also can be added to MAIN-TOOL documentation. Thanks to MAIN-TOOL, this is now used at IOI Oleo.

“Orders are recorded by MAIN-TOOL “mega-fast”.”

Areas of MAIN-TOOL:

During the introduction, some adjustments were made based on SAP.

Processed with MAIN-TOOL:

  • Fault orders
  • Recurrent measures
  • Budget management
  • Integration into Purchasing
  • IOI Oleo works in batch mode, i.e. in the event of malfunctions or recurring tests, individual plant components can be taken out of operation.

To be expanded in the future:

  • Management of spare parts / warehousing
  • Order requests for malfunction reports
  • Mobility is planned, mobile fault management.
  • The future also lies in the laboratory, in the testing and calibration of analytical equipment. In the preliminary phase, however, an IT structure / plant tree must be created.
  • In the area of analytical data, WAGO technology will also be addressed in the long term. Control integration is not an issue for the time being.
  • Predictive maintenance: Derive statistics from the history and use them for maintenance – another topic for the future.

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