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Airports Berlin

Mobile Maintenance Revolution at Airports Berlin

We embarked on a mission to enhance efficiency and streamline our technical operations. Our goal? To implement seamless mobile maintenance at the Airports Berlin for our crucial technical facilities. With dedication and the right tools at the Airports Berlin, we achieved this milestone, revolutionizing our operations and ensuring the highest standards of safety and functionality.

MAIN-TOOL Maintenance Software: Transforming Possibilities

In our pursuit of excellence, we partnered with MAIN-TOOL Maintenance Software. Through this innovative solution, we digitalized our maintenance processes, eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork. This transformation made our operations not only paperless but also significantly more efficient.

Traceable and Transparent Operations

Gone are the days of ambiguity and uncertainty. With MAIN-TOOL, our processes became traceable and transparent. Every step of maintenance, from the baggage conveyor systems to the passenger boarding bridges and lighting systems, is now meticulously tracked. This level of accountability ensures that our technical facilities operate at their peak performance consistently.

Areas of Application

Our collaboration with MAIN-TOOL has revolutionized multiple areas at Airports Berlin:

  • Baggage Conveyor Systems: Ensuring swift and secure handling of passenger luggage.
  • Runway Lighting System: Guaranteeing safe take-offs and landings, even in low visibility conditions.
  • Passenger Boarding Bridges: Seamless connections between terminals and aircraft.
  • General Lighting Systems: Illuminating our facilities with energy-efficient solutions.

Endorsement from the Experts

“Thanks to MAIN-TOOL, Berlin Airports is now well-equipped for the tasks ahead.”

Thomas Knöfler, Head of Flight Operations Facilities

It took a moment, as did the overall implementation of the airport.
But now everything is running smoothly thanks to MAIN-TOOL maintenance software.

MAIN-TOOL a product of GLI Business Solutions GmbH


Sector: Public transportation
Number of employees: approx. 450

Märkische Verkehrsgesellschaft GmbH is the local transport company of the Märkischer Kreis district and its municipalities. Märkische Verkehrsgesellschaft plans (planning order by district council resolution), operates bus services and is a member of the Ruhr-Lippe Transport Association (VRL). The Westphalian tariff has been in force since August 2017.

Main shareholders are the Märkische Kreis district and its 15 towns and municipalities. MVG currently has a total of 418 employees, 131 of whom were employed by its sister company MBG (Märkische Bus-Gesellschaft mbH) until the end of 2009, which was merged on August 26, 2009. A further 401 people are employed by almost 40 contractors. Of the total of 330 vehicles used, 139 are the company’s own vehicles.

Following the current development of electric buses and those with fuel cells as a drive source with interest, and “automated driving” and the ordering of bus journeys via cell phone app independently of the timetable, known as “bus-on-demand”, are also in MVG’s focus. MVG is already involved in two areas of application in close cooperation with science and industry: In Iserlohn (a-BUS – New Mobility Lab) and in Meinerzhagen (on-demand transportation).

Challenge for MAIN-TOOL at MVG:

  • Liberalization of local public transport
  • Resulting need for structural changes in the company
  • Mapping of workshops with maintenance of the vehicle fleet and infrastructure

Added value:

With MAIN-TOOL, MVG was able to integrate company divisions. Thanks to optimized processes, there were increases in profitability and savings.

You can find more information at

MAIN-TOOL solution for Vanderlande

Vanderlande – General contractor for intralogistics systems

Customer: Vanderlande/general contractor for intralogistics systems
Industry: Professional Service Management
Employees: More than 5,500

Vanderlande focuses on improving its customers’ business processes and strengthening their competitive position. By working closely with its customers, it aims to improve operational processes and optimize the expansion of logistics services – with the MAIN-TOOL solution.

Vanderlande’s employees are well aware of the complexity involved in running a successful warehouse. The aim is to exceed customer expectations and strengthen your competitive position.

Initial situation

Vanderlande was looking for a service management system because they wanted to make all maintenance and servicing paperless. They were looking for a system that was capable of mapping even complex systems and supporting the entire process chain, which led them to the MAIN-TOOL solution. Vanderlande’s customers are airports worldwide, such as Munich Airport, postal and parcel centers and logistics centers such as Amazon.

MAIN-TOOL solution

The MAIN-TOOL maintenance software is scaled and adapted according to customer requirements.
System developers are constantly expanding and adapting the software for customers. As a rule, the EAM service management areas are used. Work is carried out on both stationary and mobile clients. When deploying the solution, customers can choose between a server installation or operation in the cloud.

Added value

MAIN-TOOL helps Vanderlande to make EAM and service processes lean and to document them cleanly. Both mobile and stationary processes are mapped.

MAIN-TOOL is an important tool for Aftersales Service to provide comprehensive support to customers such as Munich Airport.

“The flexible rental model of GLI Business Solutions is particularly interesting for our customers. The MAIN-TOOL maintenance software has made it possible to process maintenance and servicing almost paperlessly.”
Thomas Gebbert
Head of Customer Care Service Vanderlande

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