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Branch: Logistics and transport

The increasing complexity and cost intensity of systems and machines poses ever greater challenges for maintenance in logistics and transport.

Logistics and transport are no longer just about availability and repairs.

Today, modern maintenance is also responsible for optimising production processes, avoiding production downtime, maintaining delivery reliability and reducing the consumption of resources.

MAIN-TOOL provides you with transparency for all maintenance measures through meaningful key figures and visualisations in logistics and transport. Once all the parameters for a system have been entered in MAIN-TOOL, MAIN-TOOL can provide information on the status of the system and prevent downtime. In addition, MAIN-TOOL supports you in the processing of all preventive and corrective maintenance orders, from scheduling and defect reporting to order creation and order monitoring.

In our featured image, we present MAIN-TOOL in maintenance for one of our best reference customers, Vanderlande. This customer is happy to use MAIN-TOOL for the maintenance and servicing of suitcase conveyor belts at airports. The process here must always function quickly. Downtime is not desirable.

Vanderlande is a market-leading global partner for future-proof logistics process automation in warehouses, airports and parcel services. Vanderlande’s comprehensive range of integrated solutions – innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services – enables the realisation of fast, reliable and efficient automation technology.

MAIN-TOOL maintenance software, developed by GLI Business Solutions GmbH.

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