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CMMS Software

Systematic maintenance planning

CMMS for modern maintenance planning

The conditions of maintenance in companies have changed dramatically in recent years. But the technical tools for managing maintenance tasks have not always kept pace with the more complex workload.

But recently, most maintenance teams relied on outdated methods, such as Excel spreadsheets or Microsoft Word documents. To get important tasks done. However, these methods are no longer sufficient to remain in control of the situation with higher requirements without simultaneous increases in efficiency.

The fierce competition and the high production quotas make the non-stop availability of the plants indispensable and the pressure on the maintenance teams is greater than ever. This is where CMMS software comes into play, a so-called Computerized Maintenance Management System. It is a software for planning, organizing, tracking and optimizing maintenance.

Modern CMMS not only promise increased security and improved productivity in the company, but also generate a reduction in energy consumption and overall costs.

In this article you can find out exactly what a CMMS is and what advantages the use of such a system brings.

What is a CMMS?

The term CMMS stands for the English term Computerized Maintenance Management System and means something like “computer-aided maintenance management system”.

For example CMMS is a software that helps maintenance teams manage assets, manage inventory of spare parts or tools, and manage work orders. It is used to maintain technical systems in a company and can be used as a management tool to strategically and automatically implement important processes.

In addition CMMS is used in a wide variety of industries For example in the energy industry, hotel and catering industry, food industry, logistics and transport. With this software, maintenance activities can be “switched to autopilot” and maintenance departments can be effectively supported.

CMMS software – advantages at a glance

Ingenieur arbeitet mit CMMS Software
  • Streamline work order management

  • Simplification of maintenance planning

  • Real-time asset tracking

  • Better safety standards and healthier facilities

  • Improving inventory control

  • Track, report and manage maintenance costs

  • Creation of more detailed reports

Preventive maintenance with a CMMS

A successful maintenance strategy requires planning and scheduling maintenance on assets before a problem occurs. A good preventive maintenance plan includes keeping records of previous inspections and maintenance of equipment.

Since it is very complex to create a plan for the preventive maintenance of a large number of systems, companies can simplify their processes and make them clearer with modern CMMS software.

Just like preventive maintenance requirements differ depending on the equipment being serviced. The tasks include B. cleaning, lubrication, replacement or repair of parts or even partial or complete overhauls.

More obvious examples of preventative maintenance include ensuring production equipment is running efficiently, or inspecting, cleaning, and updating heating, ventilation, and air conditioning elements.

But other areas in a company also need regular maintenance. Water supplies must be hygienic.  Electrical systems must be safe and in compliance with government regulations, and doors. Lighting and flooring must also be inspected to ensure they do not pose potential hazards.

With a modern CMMS solution, companies and operations can create recurring work orders to automate preventive maintenance. Users can create a central checklist for preventive maintenance and share it across different mobile devices. With certain triggers in the CMMS software, it is possible for responsible persons to send work orders automatically and to generate standardized processes for preventive maintenance in the company.

Advantages of using modern CMMS software for companies

Streamline work order management

With a modern CMMS, management teams could send specific work orders to different team members at the same time and track the status of work orders in real time. This saves time and reduces delays in approvals, requests, and task assignments inside and outside of a facility. Supervisors can automate the scheduling of work orders according to a set maintenance schedule.

Simplification of maintenance planning

A CMMS software offers a centralized platform on which companies can create and use their maintenance plans together. All upcoming and open maintenance tasks are laid out directly in one place and can be accessed from any mobile device. The time normally lost in manually creating a maintenance plan can be regained thanks to a CMMS.
We have also developed functions to speed up the inventory process. When creating new inventory lines, the warehouse worker has the option of “fixing” the storage location and the storage bin. This means that when the inventory is saved, this information does not have to be re-entered. The article suggestions are then displayed filtered on the storage location and, if necessary, storage bin. This is much clearer than the selection from the complete article master. Bar or QR codes can also be used to specify a storage location, storage space and articles.

Real-time asset tracking

Regularly checking the health and performance of an asset is essential. While manual investigation takes a lot of time, a CMMS can access different data sets at any time and thus prevent unplanned and costly downtime. The software tracks important information, such as operational capacity and customized metrics, and allows the user to review them at any point in time.

Better safety standards and healthier facilities

With a CMMS, companies have instant access to all employee health and safety data and injury reports. As a result, directors can focus on developing a safer work environment and receive diverse data on compliance with local, state and national health and safety regulations at the click of a button.

Improving inventory control

There is no question that acquiring new parts is a relatively expensive task. With CMMS software, managers can make better purchasing decisions when purchasing new items thanks to automated inventory reports. Inventory management is thus made more cost-effective in the long term.

Track, report and manage maintenance costs

Keeping track of all maintenance costs is not always easy. By tracking individual work orders, parts and working with the reference to specific technical objects in real time, companies can make better decisions about repair and replacement options. A CMMS provides users with manageable data collection and reporting on various business expenses.

Creation of more detailed reports

The delivery of detailed reports is not only an important element in the work process for the management level, but also represents a decision-making criterion for potential customers. Modern maintenance software provides a collection of concrete data from various sources and enables the provision of report templates that companies can use to turn your data directly into readable reports.

A CMMS software also provides access to analyze trends, identify problems and track costs in real time.


MAIN-TOOL: Maintenance made easy

MAIN-TOOL is modern maintenance software that helps companies to streamline their maintenance management. With MAIN-TOOL you can eliminate the weaknesses in your maintenance, optimize your processes and thus use your resources more effectively.

CMMS software can not only help you plan preventive maintenance, but also help you create and edit work orders and reports, and manage assets, inventories, and suppliers.

Regardless of whether you manage a production line or manage a solar farm – you too can optimize and digitize your maintenance processes and reduce costs and unforeseen failures thanks to our modern CMMS solution MAIN-TOOL.

Interested in learning more about MAIN-TOOL? We recommend our MAIN-TOOL Quickstart package

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