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HE System Electronic gains transparency with MAIN-TOOL Maintenance Software

Interview with Bjoern Koch, TPM Manager, 2022

HE System Electronic was founded in its original form in 1984.

The firm has two clear focus areas in its activities. The development and production of customized electronic modules and sensors, and power electronics. In these two divisions the field of microsystem technology and heating of semiconductors. It comprises a team of over 100 employees.

How did the cooperation with GLI and the introduction of MAIN-TOOL as maintenance software
come about?

The schedule management of the equipment to be maintained at HE System Electronic was acquired in the 2000s.
The maintenance was maintained via an Access database.

Due to a certification (IATF 16949) there was a requirement for a new computer based maintenance concept.

HE System Electronic went on the search for a CMMS.

COSMO CONSULT had always been a partner for HE System Electronic’s ERP system.

GLI with its maintenance software MAIN-TOOL was, suggested by COSMO CONSULT,
thus automatically on board.

HE System Electronic did additional research and comparisons.
It stayed with GLI.

In the middle of 2018, the arming took place.
A structure tree was created. Over 900 spare parts were entered.
The structure took a little longer time as a result.

Starting in 2019, MAIN-TOOL was used. Employees who do not work with MAIN-TOOL all the time sometimes find the UI too opaque. However, this may also be due to Navision.

What has changed positively in your company as a result of MAIN-TOOL?

In MAIN-TOOL, it is possible to call up what was last maintained on the plant.

We have a system here where all essential things can be queried relatively easily.

Everything can be seen in the job history:

  • What the plant costs in a year
  • Which maintenance is due in the next few months
  • Where what has to be ordered
  • Everything at a glance

MAIN-TOOL clearly displays all key features to be able to work.

The work has become easier and more efficient with MAIN-TOOL.
For the future there is the consideration to introduce the MAIN-TOOL App.
Working with the app’s icons on the tablet would make maintenance even easier.

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