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Branch: Oil und Chemistry

Plants in the oil-and-chemistry industry are particularly exposed to extreme influences.

Varying weather conditions, high force effects, irregular workloads and maintenance often take their toll on the particularly capital-intensive production facilities in the oil-and-chemistry industry. Value-oriented maintenance and asset management is therefore the key to sustainably increasing production efficiency.

In the oil and chemical industry, maintenance plays a crucial role in the safety, efficiency and profitability of assets. In recent years, the way companies in this industry manage their maintenance processes has evolved significantly. One of the most significant changes is the increased use of maintenance software.

This MAIN-TOOL software solution offers a wide range of benefits for companies in various industries. It enables preventive maintenance by continuously monitoring the condition of equipment and detecting potential problems at an early stage. This not only reduces downtime, but also minimizes the risk of accidents and environmental impact.

In addition, maintenance software makes it easier to schedule maintenance work and resources, resulting in more efficient use of labor and materials. It also enables complete documentation of all maintenance activities, which is critical in the highly regulated oil and chemical industry.

MAIN-TOOL maintenance software offers you transparent data management with real-time access to all relevant data and technical services of your plants and systems connected to them. Thus, you avoid errors and downtimes and ensure maximum productivity and availability.

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