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MAIN-TOOL as a cloud service

Interview with Torsten Staschik

Senior Manager Business Development at MODUS Consult AG – MAIN-TOOL as a cloud service:

Whether scalability, efficiency and innovation: Public clouds offer many advantages that private clouds do not. Gartner analyst Sid Nag therefore expects global sales from public cloud services to increase by 17 percent in 2016 to a total of $ 208.6 billion. This means that MAIN-TOOL as a cloud service in Microsoft Azure is also very much in vogue!

But what exactly is Microsoft Azure? What advantages and security does MAIN-TOOL offer as a cloud service? And what exactly do customers get out of it? Torsten Staschik, partner and business customer advisor at Microsoft Dynamics, explains in an interview.

What is the cloud/Azure?

Cloud solutions offer great flexibility, almost unlimited scalability and allow companies to react agilely to new requirements. In the case of cloud solutions, the provider of cloud services provides the infrastructure and, if necessary, the solutions that companies want to use. At the same time, the cloud provider always keeps the infrastructure up to date and adapts the solutions and offers to the latest technological standards. In this way, cloud providers relieve classic IT and help companies to react efficiently and effectively to new requirements in existing markets and to open up new business areas quickly and reliably! Microsoft Azure was specially developed as the operating system for operating all Microsoft solutions in the cloud. Data is distributed via the enormously powerful Azure infrastructure, fed to the cloud solutions and processed.

How secure is cloud/Azure?

Cloud solutions are subject to the strictest security standards. Companies like Microsoft, which have made the cloud their business model, apply the highest security standards to protect their customers’ data. Data is really safe here – according to German law: Microsoft Azure is operated via two data centers, one in Frankfurt and one in Magdeburg. Accordingly, customers have full access and appropriate sovereignty over what happens to their data. In addition, Microsoft invests 1 billion euros annually in cloud security.

A comparable level of security is difficult to implement and keep up-to-date for many companies with classic IT environments. In the cloud, the data is safe from unauthorized access and at the same time protected from unforeseen events. Microsoft thus meets the highest, independent national and international security standards for cloud solutions. These include ISO / IEC 27001, ISO / IEC 27018, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2.

In order to give customers the greatest possible transparency about which measures are being taken and which standards are being applied, Microsoft has disclosed a wide range of information on the Internet. Interested users can obtain information from the Microsoft Trust Center: At the same time, Microsoft is actively working to improve the standards for the benefit of customers.

Why should I transfer my IT to the cloud?

On the one hand, resources can also be made available for extremely large amounts of data via the cloud at the push of a button. If surprisingly high amounts of data arise, they can be processed immediately with the help of the cloud. This form of provision also relieves companies of complex and cost-intensive procurement processes.

If the capacity is no longer required, the resources are reduced again. Cloud solutions therefore also form the backbone of big data applications. Furthermore, cloud solutions meet the very highest security standards. Data theft from the cloud is next to impossible. A hard drive, on the other hand, is stolen quickly – or it crashes.

Cloud solutions also do not tie up valuable capital that can be used in a targeted manner elsewhere for business operations. Cloud solutions are based on monthly rental models and do not put a strain on companies’ investment budgets. In addition, cloud providers always provide the latest technology – customers can thus benefit directly from innovations. And last but not least, thanks to a very wide range of special applications, the cloud allows companies to implement and use new solutions quickly and flexibly.

Why MAIN-TOOL in the cloud?

MAIN-TOOL as a cloud solution in Microsoft Azure offers many advantages. The cloud service is simply billed monthly. Customers only pay for what they really need, with flexible terms. Studies have shown: Companies that use public cloud services save an average of 14 percent of their budget.

MAIN-TOOL in the cloud doesn’t just save money. Above all, the public cloud solution is a big step in IT modernization. The MAIN-TOOL cloud service helps customers to create the strategic basis for new applications and digital business processes. Administration and additional hardware are not necessary. Internet access is sufficient.

In addition, as a cloud solution, MAIN-TOOL offers the simple and secure option of integrating other cloud products such as Office 365 or the Internet of Things into the existing EAM solution, and thus having document management and status data delivered at the same time. Really a well thought-out, safe and top functional solution!

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