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User Meeting

In the ambience of the IZET innovation center in Itzehoe, our MAIN-TOOL user meeting takes place every year, which unfortunately could not be held in 2020 and 2021 due to the current corona conditions. We hope, however, that things will be relaxed in northern Germany again in 2022 at the latest.

Discussions with developers and other users take place between the lectures and in the afternoons. The exchange of opinions and experiences is also an important component of the user meeting.

“The questions and suggestions from operational practice are of great importance for the strategic positioning and the future development of the software”, Sven Pfeiffer, authorized signatory, emphasizes the importance of the event.


An invitation that is gladly accepted by the maintenance experts. The presentations are eagerly awaited, and the practical part of the user meeting is also appreciated:

The users take the opportunity to give advice in the workshops, in which questions are gladly answered. Some are already there for the 10th time. The various companies use MAIN-TOOL e.g. B. for order processing, hourly feedback, documentation and processing of checklists. The participants are impressed and enthusiastic about the innovations of the MAIN-TOOL app and the future prospects of the MAIN-TOOL Suite as an accelerator of digitization using sensor technology.

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