GLI Business Solutions GmbH is a certified partner of Microsoft and has been developing IT solutions for your maintenance for over 30 years. Our industry focus is on the manufacturing industry as well as “transport and traffic”, “supply and disposal” and professional service management.
With MAIN-TOOL we have developed a special solution for your maintenance and technical management, which combines this 30 years of knowledge. MAIN-TOOL helps you to optimize your processes. It uncovers weaknesses in your maintenance, optimizes your know-how, and thus makes your strengths more specifically usable.

We continuously develop MAIN-TOOL further, realize the flexible adaptation to your business processes and support you on site.

  1. 1983

    Foundation of working group and first steps

    The goal was formulated in 1983: the creation of an EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) or an IPS (Maintenance and Planning System).

    In cooperation with the associations DKIN, VDI, VDMA, VDBUM and REFA, we outlined an initial information system for the maintenance planning of plants and machines.


  2. 1986

    The birth of MAIN-TOOL

    After almost two years of development, “MAIN-TOOL System 1” based on DBase (Microsoft) is completed and delivered to customers.

    Beiersdorf AG in Hamburg becomes the first official MAIN-TOOL customer.


  3. 1990

    MAIN-TOOL System 2

    After a development period of 2 years, “MAIN-TOOL System 2” is completed and delivered to existing and new customers.

  4. 1992

    The international breakthrough

    “MAIN-TOOL System 2” becomes international through the use of Schering AG. At the end of the year 1000 users use MAIN-TOOL.

  5. 1994

    Preparing for Windows

    “MAIN-TOOL System 2” is made fit for the future. Based on Fox Pro (Microsoft, formerly Foxsoft) a Windows forerunner is created.

  6. 1996

    10 years MAIN-TOOL & porting to Visual Fox Pro

    MAIN-TOOL is ported to Visual Fox Pro (Microsoft), the first fully-fledged Windows system. MAIN-TOOL is used throughout Europe in the power plant sector of HEW AG.

    MAIN-TOOL celebrates its 10th birthday and counts the 2000th user. The MAIN-TOOL User Meeting is launched, which still takes place once a year.

  7. 1998

    Certification for Navision 2.0

    MAIN-TOOL based on Navision 2.0 becomes part of the industry and special solution program of Navision (Microsoft, formerly Navision Software) Ad-on program and a certified solution for Navision.

    MAIN-TOOL is the first EAM or IPS solution which is able to take over as a stand-alone system AND integrated ERP solution within the Navision product family.

  8. 2000

    MAIN-TOOL becomes part of the Microsoft Business Solution Ad-on Program

    MAIN-TOOL based on Microsoft Navision 3.0 becomes part of the Microsoft Business Solution Ad-on program. Through the takeover of Navision Damgaard AS (formerly Navision Software AS) by Microsoft Corp., MAIN-TOOL is made fit for Microsoft Navision and continuously participates in the Microsoft certification program.

    The 5,000th MAIN-TOOL user is also celebrated.

  9. 2004

    MAIN-TOOL is distributed in more than 60 countries

    MAIN-TOOL based on Navision 4.0 is pushed via the Microsoft partner channel and distributed and implemented in over 60 countries.


    MAIN-TOOL is already multilingual and, with its unique user interface, is one of the most modern EAM and IPS systems on the market.

  10. 2006

    20 Years of MAIN-TOOL: Further Branch Orientations

    The branch orientations of MAIN-TOOL based on Microsoft Navision 4.0 are further advanced. In addition to the focus on the food, public transport, logistics, maintenance and supply and disposal industries, strong partnerships for various software suites of individual Microsoft partners are emerging.


    MAIN-TOOL celebrates its 20th birthday and the number of users grows to over 8000.

  11. 2008

    MAIN-TOOL is at the top

    MAIN-TOOL has reached the top of IPS and EAM systems. Web clients, mobile offline solutions and modern 3-tier architecture are now standard.

  12. 2010

    25 Years of MAIN-TOOL: Inclusion in the CFMD Program

    MAIN-TOOL based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 (formerly Microsoft Navision) is included in the CFMD (Certified for Microsoft Dynamics) program and is one of the most successful solutions in this Microsoft program.

    The Microsoft CFMD certificate stands for highest product quality in the Microsoft Dynamics environment. MAIN-TOOL celebrates its 25th anniversary and is used by 10,000 users worldwide.


  13. 2013

    Renewed CFMD Certification & MAIN-TOOL Mobile

    MAIN-TOOL and MAIN-TOOL Mobile based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 are again certified as CFMD. This makes MAIN-TOOL one of the most successful and investment secure IPS and EAM solutions based on one of the most successful and technologically leading software companies worldwide: Microsoft.


  14. 2016

    Mobilization for the future


    MAIN-TOOL and MAIN-TOOL Mobile for Smartphone, Tablet and Industrial Handhelds (Windows, Android, IOS) are prepared for the upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. MAIN-TOOL celebrates its 30th birthday.


    After 30 years MAIN-TOOL has arrived in the cloud and is now available as a cloud service in Azure.

  15. 2020

    MAIN-TOOL in combination with the WAGO-Connector
    and the Empolis Information Management


    Measured values are loaded into the cloud in real time, from where they can be easily accessed.
    Based on the trend line, which is derived from the historical data, a fault is detected in time and the responsible technician
    about the MAIN-TOOL App!