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Maintenance with MAIN-TOOL at Lech-Stahlwerke GmbH

Customer for the new maintenance MAIN-TOOL solution: Lech-Stahlwerke GmbH
Industry: Steel industry
Number of employees: approx. 700

Initial situation at Lech-Stahlwerke:

Lech-Stahlwerke GmbH had an independent application for maintenance that was not integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The disadvantage of this application was that the data had to be maintained twice.

MAIN-TOOL maintenance solution:      

Implementation of MAIN-TOOL both for the central department and for the on-site departments within the production plants.

Added values:                  

No more duplicate data. Improved overview of the plant structure. Meaningful reports required for ISO certification (e.g. ISO TS16949).

MAIN-TOOL Maintenance made easy – a product of GLI Business Solutions GmbH.

Our efficient MAIN-TOOL maintenance software enables real-time monitoring of machines and systems. Sensors and IoT devices collect data that is analyzed by the software to detect anomalies at an early stage. This makes it possible to quickly identify and rectify problems before major breakdowns occur.

Overall, the use of maintenance software in the steel industry enables better planning, execution and monitoring of machines and systems. This leads to increased availability, a longer service life and thus to an increase in productivity and profitability for companies in this industry.

MAIN-TOOL can be used across all industries and the MAIN-TOOL app is particularly suitable for use on a tablet.

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