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GLI Business Solutions GmbH arranges
Offsite meeting in beautiful Schleswig-Holstein

We are pleased to give you a review of our successful collana Management Offsite Meeting 2024.
From June 12 to 14, 2024, we met at the impressive Hotel Breitenburg in Schleswig-Holstein.

The program included exciting presentations and barcamp sessions, which were introduced by a creative round of introductions. All the pearls, as we call the companies in the collana group, presented their software solutions, such as our MAIN-TOOL maintenance software.
Presentations provided valuable insights into the collana Group’s various innovative products and their possible applications.

A golf taster course was particularly enjoyable. A beautiful 27-hole course of the Schloss Breitenburg Golf Club right next to the Hotel Breitenburg leads its guests through Schleswig-Holstein’s marshes, geest and hills, including avenues, bends and moors. Challenges for golfers of all levels, such as island greens and bunkers are available.

The outstanding culinary delights rounded off the event perfectly.
The chef, who has already proven his art in several first-class restaurants, is responsible for the consistently high quality of Restaurant Johann at Hotel Breitenburg. Together with his highly motivated kitchen team, the focus is on guest satisfaction – and, of course, enjoyment.

Offsite meeting, a complete success!

In the informal atmosphere of the meeting, the constructive cooperation of all participants was particularly noticeable. The shared passion and the will to achieve more made the meeting a complete success.

With its beautiful natural setting, first-class golf course, excellent cuisine and large wellness area, the Hotel Breitenburg provided the perfect setting for our offsite meeting.

Would you like to become part of our community? Then send us your speculative application to We look forward to hearing from you!

Newsletter recommendation for you

We have a recommended read: The brand new newsletter from our parent company collana IT.

The collana IT Group unites successful companies in the DACH region that stand for cross-industry expertise and IT excellence. GLI Business Solutions has been a member of the group since 2021.

Inaddition under its umbrella, collana IT bundles specialised, innovative and complementary solutions. The focus is on the digitalisation and automation of demanding business processes, particularly in the areas of ERP, business apps, data analytics, BI and cloud solutions. Each member of the group is an experienced specialist in their field. However, the respective skills are not considered separately, but as networked building blocks whose entire expertise can be called upon in projects. This enables customers to realise their full potential and achieve their goals. The group members pull together and ensure that customers are set up for the future. GLI Business Solutions GmbH enriches collana IT with the MAIN-TOOL maintenance software.

Besides the collana IT newsletter provides you with regular insights into the projects of all group members and informs you about news, success stories and milestones from the collana IT world. This includes exclusive information on product features and new developments, important updates on trade fairs and events, informative recaps and inspiring success stories. Benefit from the insights from our group. Best practices and tomorrow’s solutions are presented and show you how your company can benefit from our range of services.

There are also industry trends and exciting insights into the latest developments on the IT market.  

In addition we would be delighted if you became part of our collana community. Moreover we could offer you added value with our updates. Registering for the newsletter is quick and easy. Simply register here – it’s worth it!

GLI Business Solution GmbH – Part of collana IT



XtensionIT uses MAIN-TOOL and offers general extensions.  In addition Microsoft Dynamics 365 on the platform Microsoft AppSource. These innovative solutions from XtensionIT extend the core functionality of the business system. Goal is creating job satisfaction and adding value for users.

As part of our XtensionIT community, you can accelerate your success. Access the expertise of our experts and other partners within the partner network. As an XtensionIT partner, you will receive support options to meet your needs and resolve any issues during your partnership.

In the world of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has taken the lead in 2023. Microsoft BC has secured its position as the ultimate ERP system. For this reason, we are developing extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central when working with ERP.

We are convinced that the key to a successful collaboration with you lies in our shared passion for powerful business solutions.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has become the industry standard for ERP systems, and not without good reason. Whether you’re already familiar with it or just getting started, here are five compelling reasons why Business Central should be your ERP system of choice:

1. streamlined upgrades: say goodbye to the complexity of frequent ERP upgrade projects. With Business Central, upgrades are seamless and hassle-free.

2. scalability at your fingertips:Effortlessly customize and expand your Business Central ERP solution to meet your ever-evolving business needs.3. Microsoft’s commitment: Microsoft actively listens to user feedback and stays ahead of ERP industry trends to ensure Business Central evolves to meet your needs.

4. unified solution: Enjoy the convenience of a complete ERP solution in a unified digital ecosystem and simplify your business processes.

5. future-proof and cloud-based: Embrace the future with a cloud-based ERP solution that ensures your business remains agile and ready for the future.Working together, we deliver an optimal experience for the company that chooses XtensionIT software.

Solutions include MAIN-TOOL, Master Data, Shipment Connector, Warehouse Scanner and Super User Tools.

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The TSO-DATA group of companies comprises more than 200 employees*. The company locations Osnabrück, Berlin, Nuremberg and Bremen. As an IT specialist and Microsoft partner, the experts develop, implement and realize innovative IT solutions. They offer individual service concepts – nationally and internationally. In doing so, it relies on modern and future-oriented technologies that can be adapted specifically to the needs of medium-sized companies.
But the solution portfolio focuses on ERP, CRM, BI, DMS and IT infrastructure and cloud services. As an IT full-service partner, TSO-DATA accompanies projects from the initial analysis. Through process optimization and implementation, to rollout, training and sustainable support – this is in line with TSO-DATA’s corporate philosophy of “IT at its heart”.

TSO Data has a long-standing partnership with MAIN-TOOL maintenance software and GLI Business Solutions GmbH, which has contributed to much success on both sides. We hope that this will continue in the future and look forward to further joint work in the IT sector.

As IT and industry specialists, we know the dynamic and complex interrelationships of your business.

We always keep an eye on markets, current trends and technological change. The functional spectrum of our solutions is continuously optimized to be future-proof.

With our ERP industry solutions KatarGo for mail order, e-commerce and wholesale and LS Central for retail, we offer you two successful solutions. Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central they perfectly support the requirements of your company’s business processes.

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Add-on solutions for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central for efficient and time-saving organization of financial processes – it’s all about your time!Learning and using a new application complicates the automation process of companies. Continia solutions are integrated directly into Business Central, so you don’t have to learn new applications, save time and avoid frustration. Intuitive and easy to use applications – automation with just a few clicks.


Learning and using a new application complicates the automation process of companies. Continia solutions are integrated directly into Business Central, so you don’t have to learn new applications, save time and avoid frustration. Intuitive and easy to use applications – automation with just a few clicks.

The Document Capture, OPplus, Expense Management and Document Output solutions in cooperation with MAIN-TOOL maintenance software offer Business Central users worldwide added value in their daily work. MAIN-TOOL is a product of GLI Business Solution GmbH.


You are busy but not working efficiently. Continia solutions automate tedious, time-consuming processes, saving you time. Sit back and concentrate on more important tasks. Look forward to getting home on time! 🕑


Manual data entry is error-prone and carries risks of fraud and accounting errors. Continia solutions use optical character recognition (OCR) to process your documents. This prevents errors and protects you from fraud and fines during audits.

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GLI at the new location

Professionally renewed all around!

GLI Business Solutions GmbH at new location.

After more than 25 years in Fraunhoferstraße, the company history of GLI Business Solutions GmbH is entering its next stage of life: GLI at its new location, Kirchhoffstraße 1. In the 2nd week of January, GLI moved into its new premises at Kirchhoffstraße 1 as planned. The new offices have been cleared. The move is done. With new energy, GLI now continues in the maintenance and servicing, maintenance software MAIN-TOOL.

We now have bright offices with large windows and a beautiful view from the 3rd floor. All light and heat settings are controlled via a tablet. Each employee can control their workstation individually.

We also have the latest technology at our workstations. The latest laptops for flawless work.

The canteen is next door in the IZET. This means that we can also cater for hunger in between meals and during the lunch break. The food comes from Café Königsberg. The food is subsidized for us employees. This is how GLI Business Solutions GmbH takes care of its employees.

If you would like to become part of our community, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application. Send your application to We look forward to hearing from you.

HE System Electronic gains transparency with MAIN-TOOL Maintenance Software

Interview with Bjoern Koch, TPM Manager, 2022

HE System Electronic was founded in its original form in 1984.

The firm has two clear focus areas in its activities. The development and production of customized electronic modules and sensors, and power electronics. In these two divisions the field of microsystem technology and heating of semiconductors. It comprises a team of over 100 employees.

How did the cooperation with GLI and the introduction of MAIN-TOOL as maintenance software
come about?

The schedule management of the equipment to be maintained at HE System Electronic was acquired in the 2000s.
The maintenance was maintained via an Access database.

Due to a certification (IATF 16949) there was a requirement for a new computer based maintenance concept.

HE System Electronic went on the search for a CMMS.

COSMO CONSULT had always been a partner for HE System Electronic’s ERP system.

GLI with its maintenance software MAIN-TOOL was, suggested by COSMO CONSULT,
thus automatically on board.

HE System Electronic did additional research and comparisons.
It stayed with GLI.

In the middle of 2018, the arming took place.
A structure tree was created. Over 900 spare parts were entered.
The structure took a little longer time as a result.

Starting in 2019, MAIN-TOOL was used. Employees who do not work with MAIN-TOOL all the time sometimes find the UI too opaque. However, this may also be due to Navision.

What has changed positively in your company as a result of MAIN-TOOL?

In MAIN-TOOL, it is possible to call up what was last maintained on the plant.

We have a system here where all essential things can be queried relatively easily.

Everything can be seen in the job history:

  • What the plant costs in a year
  • Which maintenance is due in the next few months
  • Where what has to be ordered
  • Everything at a glance

MAIN-TOOL clearly displays all key features to be able to work.

The work has become easier and more efficient with MAIN-TOOL.
For the future there is the consideration to introduce the MAIN-TOOL App.
Working with the app’s icons on the tablet would make maintenance even easier.


Interview with GSB – Sonderabfall-Entsorgung Bayern GmbH as Europe’s largest hazardous waste disposal company.

GSB stands for responsible waste management throughout Bavaria with more than half a century of experience.
GSB has been working with Tegos Rosenheim since 2001 and uses their Envis software for waste disposal and recycling management. A powerful ERP system with mature industry functionality.

In 2019, GSB opted for the modern CMMS solution MAIN-TOOL.

What was the situation at GSB before the introduction of MAIN-TOOL?

Sebastian Schmitt, Technical Services: “The situation was as follows: We had a system for generating maintenance orders. These were generated in paper form, which took four hours every week, sorting, filing and making them available to the departments. As this was no longer up to date, GSB decided to look for a modern solution that could be attached to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV enterprise resource planning system. After market research and a summary, the decision was made to go the way of Tegos Rosenheim with MAIN-TOOL from GLI Business Solutions.

How would you rate your work with MAIN-TOOL?
What has changed positively in the company since then?

Sebastian Schmitt: “We worked very intensively with MAIN-TOOL and recorded the master data. After setting it up, we were able to migrate the first departments.
To sum up, it is a pleasant interface for the user on which he can immediately see the current activities. He has an overview of what is pending this week and what needs to be done next week. For the supervisors, MAIN-TOOL offers the advantage that they can fulfil their duty and follow-up easily and at any time.”

Katja Zeller, engineer:
“It is very important to say here that we have a very complex system that is described quite elaborately with system codes and location codes. These were previously maintained in Excel and were available as a database. Now with MAIN-TOOL it is a great advantage that this data is linked to the activities. The maintenance and recurring inspections are directly linked to the respective object. We have much more transparency here. We have audit-proof, clear, easy-to-find documentation. MAIN-TOOL makes it possible to search in a completely different way or to have data displayed as needed. That is a big advantage.”

Tibor Hlozanek, Network Administrator / KBD:
“From an IT point of view, it was a software consolidation, because the product we used before for maintenance was no longer state of the art and had to be replaced. MAIN-TOOL enabled us to map all maintenance processes without high training costs.
This is due to the fact that two industry modules (solutions) are housed under the umbrella of Microsoft Business Solution Navision and have the same operating patterns.

MAIN-TOOL is used on the move with the movatix app from Tegos. This offers the user a clearly structured interface for easy operation.”

Instandhaltungssoftware MAIN-TOOL im Einsatz bei der GSB

GLI Business Solutions GmbH complements collana IT

GLI Business Solutions GmbH complements the collana IT Group
in the area of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and maintenance solutions

With effect from 12.01.2022, GLI Business Solutions GmbH complements the collana IT Group. The collana IT Group bundles successful IT companies. It offers customers cross-industry IT expertise in the field of digitalization and automation of demanding business processes. Thus, the combined know-how from the areas of ERP, business apps, data analytics, business intelligence and cloud solutions not only contributes to the further development of all employees, but also to innovative customer solutions.

GLI Business Solutions Gmbh

However, for Marc and Sven Pfeiffer as owners of GLI Business Solutions GmbH, joining collana IT GmbH was under the guiding star of future security for employees and customers. The expertise already available in collana IT in the areas of Operations, Modern Workplace and Cloud Infrastructure were judged to be excellent additions. As well as both owners have remained in charge of operations and have a stake in the group.

Sven Pfeiffer, Managing Director of GLI Business Solutions GmbH “In collana IT, we see a great opportunity to break new ground. Collana IT shapes a stable and viable future perspective for our customers and employees together with other experts. But we are curious about the exchange and look forward to getting to know other companies, industries and customers.”

“We are very pleased to welcome GLI as another company to the group. Marc and Sven Pfeiffer, together with their team, have positioned GLI excellently in the maintenance solutions market over the past few years. In addition the expertise in Microsoft Dynamics BC in combination with the certified industry solution MAIN-TOOL complements the collana offering perfectly”, adds Dirk Wieland, CEO of the collana IT group.

About collana IT GmbH

Founded in 2020, collana IT GmbH bundles cross-industry IT. Collana IT has over 170 employees by collaborating with specialized IT companies in the DACH region. Here, the focus is on the digitalization and automation of business processes. In particular in the area of ERP, business apps, data analytics / BI and cloud solutions. The group formation creates far-reaching synergies as well as many advantages for customers and employees. For more information, please contact

but as until there that but after

Collana IT Group overview

MAIN-TOOL as a cloud service

Interview with Torsten Staschik

Senior Manager Business Development at MODUS Consult AG – MAIN-TOOL as a cloud service:

Whether scalability, efficiency and innovation: Public clouds offer many advantages that private clouds do not. Gartner analyst Sid Nag therefore expects global sales from public cloud services to increase by 17 percent in 2016 to a total of $ 208.6 billion. This means that MAIN-TOOL as a cloud service in Microsoft Azure is also very much in vogue!

But what exactly is Microsoft Azure? What advantages and security does MAIN-TOOL offer as a cloud service? And what exactly do customers get out of it? Torsten Staschik, partner and business customer advisor at Microsoft Dynamics, explains in an interview.

What is the cloud/Azure?

Cloud solutions offer great flexibility, almost unlimited scalability and allow companies to react agilely to new requirements. In the case of cloud solutions, the provider of cloud services provides the infrastructure and, if necessary, the solutions that companies want to use. At the same time, the cloud provider always keeps the infrastructure up to date and adapts the solutions and offers to the latest technological standards. In this way, cloud providers relieve classic IT and help companies to react efficiently and effectively to new requirements in existing markets and to open up new business areas quickly and reliably! Microsoft Azure was specially developed as the operating system for operating all Microsoft solutions in the cloud. Data is distributed via the enormously powerful Azure infrastructure, fed to the cloud solutions and processed.

How secure is cloud/Azure?

Cloud solutions are subject to the strictest security standards. Companies like Microsoft, which have made the cloud their business model, apply the highest security standards to protect their customers’ data. Data is really safe here – according to German law: Microsoft Azure is operated via two data centers, one in Frankfurt and one in Magdeburg. Accordingly, customers have full access and appropriate sovereignty over what happens to their data. In addition, Microsoft invests 1 billion euros annually in cloud security.

A comparable level of security is difficult to implement and keep up-to-date for many companies with classic IT environments. In the cloud, the data is safe from unauthorized access and at the same time protected from unforeseen events. Microsoft thus meets the highest, independent national and international security standards for cloud solutions. These include ISO / IEC 27001, ISO / IEC 27018, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2.

In order to give customers the greatest possible transparency about which measures are being taken and which standards are being applied, Microsoft has disclosed a wide range of information on the Internet. Interested users can obtain information from the Microsoft Trust Center: At the same time, Microsoft is actively working to improve the standards for the benefit of customers.

Why should I transfer my IT to the cloud?

On the one hand, resources can also be made available for extremely large amounts of data via the cloud at the push of a button. If surprisingly high amounts of data arise, they can be processed immediately with the help of the cloud. This form of provision also relieves companies of complex and cost-intensive procurement processes.

If the capacity is no longer required, the resources are reduced again. Cloud solutions therefore also form the backbone of big data applications. Furthermore, cloud solutions meet the very highest security standards. Data theft from the cloud is next to impossible. A hard drive, on the other hand, is stolen quickly – or it crashes.

Cloud solutions also do not tie up valuable capital that can be used in a targeted manner elsewhere for business operations. Cloud solutions are based on monthly rental models and do not put a strain on companies’ investment budgets. In addition, cloud providers always provide the latest technology – customers can thus benefit directly from innovations. And last but not least, thanks to a very wide range of special applications, the cloud allows companies to implement and use new solutions quickly and flexibly.

Why MAIN-TOOL in the cloud?

MAIN-TOOL as a cloud solution in Microsoft Azure offers many advantages. The cloud service is simply billed monthly. Customers only pay for what they really need, with flexible terms. Studies have shown: Companies that use public cloud services save an average of 14 percent of their budget.

MAIN-TOOL in the cloud doesn’t just save money. Above all, the public cloud solution is a big step in IT modernization. The MAIN-TOOL cloud service helps customers to create the strategic basis for new applications and digital business processes. Administration and additional hardware are not necessary. Internet access is sufficient.

In addition, as a cloud solution, MAIN-TOOL offers the simple and secure option of integrating other cloud products such as Office 365 or the Internet of Things into the existing EAM solution, and thus having document management and status data delivered at the same time. Really a well thought-out, safe and top functional solution!

Do You have anymore questions?

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