Reduce asset downtimes, 5-20%

Improve your efficiency through higher asset availability

Customers report up to 20% lower spare parts costs and downtime.

Up to 18% improvement in labour input

Through better resource planning for all events; also resource planning for recurring measures, preventive measures and condition-dependent measures; achieve a significantly better effectiveness of your employees and resources through targeted planning.

Reduce spare parts inventories, 15-25%

Reduce overstocking and unnecessary parts. MAIN-TOOL only helps you to have what you need in stock.

Increase your asset utilization by up to 5%

Monitor asset operation, asset condition, asset reliability, asset calibration and asset costs.

Always be informed

MAIN-TOOL is always and everywhere available. On the desktop, on the tablet, on your smartphone. Online and offline.

On demand in the cloud

  • "I've loved coming to the MAIN-TOOL User Meeting for ten years now because you keep learning new things."

    Matthias Medack Stadtentwässerung Dresden
  • "We have been using MAIN-TOOL for a long time in the maintenance process of the baggage conveyor system. A big advantage is that working with MAIN-TOOL has become "paperless". MAIN-TOOL has proved to be a modern and efficient solution for us, so that by 2020 we will have MAIN-TOOL in charge of organising and managing the work of the workshop staff throughout the entire facility management system."

    Thomas Knöfler Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH
  • "The user meeting is a great experience for me. I am surprised that MAIN-TOOL is so versatile and excited about the innovations."

    Jens-Peter Gröhn Entsorgungsbetriebe Lübeck
  • "We liked the user meeting very much. The discussions with the GLI staff and the workshop contributed to this,
    to better align our planning for the future with Navision and MAIN-TOOL. The use of Navision and MAIN-TOOL on mobile devices opens up new areas of application".

    Tony Grujoski Information technology clerk of the Nord-West Kavernengesellschaft mbH
  • "Job requests can be added to MAIN-TOOL documentation. Thanks to MAIN-TOOL this is now used by IOI Oleo. MAIN-TOOL records orders "mega-fast"."

    Britta Rehwinkel Administration Technical Site Management - Key-User Witten / Wittenberge - IOI Oleo GmbH
  • "The user meeting was very interesting and informative for us."

    Christian Gareiß Feneberg
  • "MAIN-TOOL 7.1 and the new functionalities have been well received here in the house. I hope that we can now establish MAIN-TOOL even more in our company".

    Dominik Blume IT department, company Noelle + von Campe Glashütte GmbH

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